Bicosome, is a start-up that develops and sells dermopharmaceutical ingredients and high-performance cosmetics based on its own patented platform, Bicosome® Technology..

Bicosome was set up in 2012 as a spin-off of Catalonia's IQAC institute of advanced chemistry, part of the CSIC (Spain's national research council). It's a highly innovative, scitech company that, seeing that one of the major challenges in dermatological formulation is skin penetration, aimed to find a solution to that problem. The ingredients in Bicosome® Technology modulate the skin's barrier function without damaging it, penetrating through to the desired level, just where the encapsulated active compounds need to be applied to maximise their effect and provide long-lasting benefits.

Bicosome and Nano Tech Enterprise have reached an agreement to distribute Bicosome products in the following Middle Eastern and African countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya and South Africa.

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