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Bicosome® Filling up System:
the intercellular lipid matrix re-builder

The Bicosome® Filling up System (Bicosome® FS) is a biomimetic filler that delivers bilayer-forming structures to the skin's intercellular spaces. This replenishes the lipid matrix and regenerates the skin's architecture. Bicosome® FS restores the skin's natural barrier systems and improves elasticity and firmness, helping to recover skin balance and smoothness.

Bicosome® FS goes beyond barrier function repair, Bicosome® FS re-builds the intercellular lipid matrix!

Bicosome® FS can be used in the following products:

  • Long-lasting moisturisers

  • day and night repair creams

  • lip balms

  • skin treatments

  • anti-aging products

  • make-up


Summary of Bicosome® FS benefits:

  • Refills the skin's lipid matrix

  • Restores the skin's barrier function

  • Increases skin elasticity and firmness

  • Repairs the adverse effects of aggressive treatments

  • Restores skin balance and vitality

  • Provides long-term benefits


Bicosome® FS Brochure: Bicosome_FS.pdf (1350 Kb.Acrobat).



Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex

Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex is a deep-acting sun repair system that stabilises and delivers carotene molecules deep into the epidermis, providing biological sun protection. The carotenes provided by Bicotene® Antiox reinforce the skin's natural defences, reduce the formation of free radicals generated by UV, Vis and IR, protect and repair cell DNA from UV damage and prevent IR radiation-induced collagen breakdown.

Excessive exposure to UV and IR radiation damages skin tissue and is the main cause of skin ageing as it triggers formation of free radicals and breakdown of proteins in the extracellular matrix. Sunscreens do not provide full protection against this damage. To combat those signs of ageing, it's essential to provide the skin with anti-oxidants.

Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex can be used in the following products:

  • sunscreens

  • after-sun lotions

  • self-tanning products

  • anti-ageing serums

  • BB creams

  • detox lotions

  • anti-pollution products

  • moisturisers

  • make-up, etc.


Summary of Bicotene® Complex benefits:

  • Protects skin against UV and IR radiation

  • Maximises anti-oxidant performance

  • Protects collagen from breakdown

  • Reduces formation of free radicals

  • Prevents premature ageing

  • Increases the protection provided by sunscreens


Bicotene® Antiox / UV & IR Protection Complex Brochure: Bicosome_Antiox.pdf (1927 Kb.Acrobat).



Bicowhite® Complex

Bicowhite® Complex is a multi-target brightening/lightening delivery system that works by blocking the processes involved in skin hyperpigmentation.

Bicowhite® contains five complementary lightening agents - Azeloglycine, Niacinamide, Alfa-Bisabolol, Vitamin C and Phytic Acid - carried by Bicosome structures to their target site in the skin in a comprehensive, effective and highly integrated system.


Bicowhite Complex Brochure: Bicosome_Complex.pdf (856 Kb.Acrobat).



Bicomide® Acne Control

Bicomide® Acne works to control the processes related to the appearance and persistence of acne.

The product provides control of the sebum production avoiding proliferation of bacteria. The product also provides and anti-inflammatory action which results in the improvement of acne lesions, blackheads, shiny skin and the appearance of enlarged pores.


Bicomide Acne Control Brochure: Bicosome_Bicomide_2017_Brochure.pdf (608 Kb.Acrobat).